torsdag 18 augusti 2011

A brutal Real destroyed by a smart Barca

The Mourinho criminal tactic was as useless as when Holland tried the same brutal football in the VM final against Spain.
It was obvious that Mourinho demanded of his player to "kill" and not take any prisoners.
Pepe should have been sent of early in the game and his elbow on Piquet wasn´t even punished.

Marcellos first coward attack on Messi should have been a red card but he only got yellow. Finally Marcello got a red card when it only was minutes left of the Super Cup Final causing a riot on the pitch.
Even Real fan today demand the rejection of Marcello.

Mourinho and Real didn´t only lose (2-3) they also have lost most of what sports are about. When Barca shows joy and excelence. Mourinhou has injected hate and violence.
Mourinhou is a threat not only to Real but also to football and he should be put in psychiatric isolation to do some rethinking.