onsdag 2 juni 2010

Time for USA to stand by UN against Israel

Let there be no doubt. Israel is guilty of crimes against international law. Israel attacked ships with supplies and Israel alone carried out a military attack with deadly weapons from military helicopters and murdered activists who were on international waters. During the attack a few activists took what they had on board to defend themselves. Theese were harmless tools. The Israeli commando soldiers went down in the kitchen and picked out the trimmers and other common tools as "proof" that the activists were armed.
If Israel wanted to stop the ships it would have been easy to break the control surfaces as a retired Israeli military also declaired. But now the intention was to kill.
There's no excuse for the attack and there is no other way than to condemn and punish the guilty, the Israelis government and the military for their criminal act such as piracy and murder.
USA has to put aside old loyalty and now join the world in the only way to peace in middle east. Accept and stand by UN in the international common act against Israeli brutality. Then split into two equal nations without armies. That will need to disarme Israel and Hamas and put up UN force to maintain peace. Let an international committé decide the deviding of land and Jerusalem. Then two nations can prosper instead of making war.