tisdag 26 juli 2011

The soul of democracy

UN Declaration of Human Rights means that every person is equally valuable regardless of origin, color, woman, man, young or old. Every human being has the right to try to get what she wants. We have the right to believe what we want and we will live as we want. To molest or hurt, or physical attack someone because of their own thoughts, faith or morals is to violate, not just this person, but all.

– I will not always think or belive the same things that you do but I am willing to die for your right to express your self. In the same time if you use violence against me because of my thoughts and believes you have lost the meaning of the spirit of humanism and need to be corrected. If that means bring you to justice, I will do that. If that means to protect my self and my family I will do that. And if you threatens me or them I will not hesitate to go against you with all my force. This is very sad because we are all one and the common purpose is love.

And unconditional love means freedom.

Behind statement of violence we find the reasons for almost every war. So what leadership can prevent war and act for peace. The mind set that caused war and terror are not the same that will solve them.