måndag 29 november 2010

Dr. Phil, outclassed by a cool Will Rob

I saw a show when Dr. Phil Confronted an so called Animal Abusers Will Rob on Swedish Television the other day. I´m a fan of what Dr Phil is trying to do but not allways to impressed by his methods and ways. Nobody is perfect and I understand that the tempo in producing this shows can induce some scenarios for better and for worse. Nevertheless. This show was choreographed to demonize and "knock out" Will Rob who's interest and "sport" is to arrange and watch pitbulls fight.
First of all Dr Phil used the sentences despicable, detestable and disgusting repeatably. He soon sounded like a stuttering parrot. Will Rob kept his cool and sympathic face all the time. Dr Phil showed horrible clips on animal abuse not relevant to the activities of Will Rob, who tried to explain that he handles the dogs in better ways. But when Will Rob tried to explain something he was disrupted by an increasingly frustrated and close to bullying Phil.

Will Rob also said to Dr Phil, in a cool manner "You should be a great boxer". The "oratory slugging" Phil invited 8 grim looking animal lovers from "Rescue Ink" on the scen. Suddenly one of them confronted Rob in an aggressive attack position indicating a fist fight.

Dr Phil and his 8 warriors were Outclassed by one man
Will Rob showed no fear and stod up to defend him self. In all Will Rob won this fight ten to nothing (10-0) and that is a knockout in a debate.
Even if most of us don't like dog fighting or any form of abuse this was a mental victory of a convinced dog fighter promotor on every level, performance, rhetoric and style.

I don´t know why this link doesn't work*. Probably because DR Phils producers have realized they lost the battle. Otherwise it should be a very interesting video for a rhetoric study.

To certify that I´m not for dog fighting. On the contrary but if you invite someone to your show you should treat the person with respect. In this case Dr Phil failed and he almost made a mockery of him self and the show.
What Dr Phil succeeded to do is to create hate and threatenings against Will Rob and that is despicable.
* The link now works but i think the content haven been slightly edited.